A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game is made for the Bolt Jam #3

Theme was Calm Before the Storm

How to play?

After pressing Start-button, you will have to drag the sheets back to the line before they get out of the screen. If even one of them gets out of the screen, game is over.

Used 3rd party assets


Oh_sheets_MACOS.app.zip 49 MB
Oh_sheets_WIN.zip 43 MB


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Juggling with(in) the sheets never sounded more innocent and looked more challenging! :D


Thanks for playing :D

This game is VERY challanging! We need some stronger clothespins! Something to add would be a few different racks of sheets, and a slower float time, to create even more chaos! Great job!


Thanks for playing the game! Good ideas for improving the game for later times :)

Quite a good score you got there! :O